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(These are just a few comments, from the hundreds we receive.)

1/31/2021: Customer William B PA wrote: (L130) "Roger, 2 Years ago, I purchased the upgrade and wanted to let you know how it is going. I have never had a lawn tractor with more usable traction than my old JD. There isn't anything that I can't get done yard wise with it. It is as advertised and I will tell you that my grandson and I installed it in an afternoon without incident. Instructions were easy to follow and I am extremely happy. Thanks again, Bill B" 

1/28/2021: Customer Lance W of Australia wrote: (Husqvarna) "Hi Roger: The import fees were $289. That reflects our 10%GST tax. I got the kit  installed today, you can probably see the smile on my face from where you are. Got the wife to have the first go with the upgrade and she loves it. You have obviously put in a lot of time and effort to get this right and you have nailed it, if there is a criticism its with the manual that had a couple of pages printed upside down (Roger: Oops!) so when it was put together it was a bit confusing as the pages didnt line up but after a reshuffle and cable ties all good to go. (Roger: I'll make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks for letting us know.) Thanks again for all your efforts and will be singing your praises over here."

7/17/2020: Customer Randy C of Illinois (Fleet Manager) wrote: (X300) "I received the kit no issues; the installation went well. You provide a very nice kit. The instructions are top notch and the transmission awesome!! (It) looks tough enough for tractor pulls now. :-)"

6/30/2020: Customer Dan P of IL wrote: (LA175) wrote: "Hi Roger, I bought the K66 several yrs ago (3/2013) when my LA175 with 200 hrs on it quit, the thing now has over 1200 hrs, very pleased! I was wondering if you have anything for my 98 Sabre, if so I can send more info on it. Thank You for your time, Sincerely, Dan Perry"

5/19/2019: Customer Dan C of Colorado wrote: (X320) "Hi Roger - I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the help getting my JD X320 K66 transmission upgrade. In particular I wanted to commend you on the quality and attention to detail of your K66 upgrade kit. It is obvious that you put a great deal of time and effort in putting this kit together and I am really impressed. Oh the transmission is a HUGE improvement my X-320 started right up and the transmission worked perfectly, thanks to your excellent instructions. I threw a coat of wax on the old girl, replaced a torn seat and she looks and runs better than new! Again thanks a million for a quality product, excellent customer service and your attention to detail."

5/16/2019: Customer Mike T of Pennsylvania wrote: (X300) "Hey Roger: Just wanted to give you an update on my tractor upgrade. Back around 2007, I had the K46 transaxle die in the middle of a 26 snow storm. Four days later, we got hit with 28 snow on top of what we already had - my tractor was dead in the frozen white water. I came across your website and we started discussions around how we could retrofit this into a X300. Well, with your help, my X300 was brought back to life - on steroids. Its been around 12 years since the modification and I am happy to say, that transaxle is as strong now as it was when I installed it. I can still pull wheelies!!! Cant thank you enough!!!"

7/21/2018: Customer Daniel G of Iowa wrote: (LA145) "I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how pleased I am with the K66 Kit you provided me. I installed this over the winter for use this spring and summer and everything worked out perfectly, per your instruction manual. I was apprehensive at first in making the investment, but I am glad I did. The transmission has tremendous power allowing me to mow hills and ditches quite easily. Your process of step by step instructions with tools needed and pictures made removal and installation easy, obtaining great results. The quality of the manual and parts provided are first rate and so is your customer support. It was a pleasure doing business with you and to anyone out there thinking of converting and upgrading to a K66 platform I highly recommend it. RJR Tractor is the real deal and a great way to go. Thank you Roger. Respectfully, Daniel G"

5/9/2018: Customer D Smith of Oklahoma wrote: (L130) "Hi Roger: After a cooler than normal spring our mowing season has arrived. I have 10 hours on the K66. It takes about two hours to mow my yard. I have been so pleased with the unit that I forget to look at the sight window for gas. I have run out of gas twice, while enjoying the performance while mowing. The inclines in my yard are not a problem anymore. I went up one incline backwards for about 100 feet as a test. The K46 would not have done that. My only concern is, the lawn mower will wear out before the new transaxle. If and or when that happens I will buy a used mower with a worn out transaxle and put this one in it. I will never buy another new mower.
You may count me as another satisfied customer. Thanks for everything during my transition and installation period back in February. js"

11/16/2017: Customer Jean Marie of Ontario, CANADA wrote: (L130) Good Morning Roger; Just to let you know that I have installed my k66 on my tractor and your operations manual was so clear that it actually only did take me 5 hours to remove the old one and installed a new one. I have no idea what else I would be able to add to that installation manual of yours. The idea of putting on each section exactly which tools you need and all the parts in the bag for that section and clear pictures showing how to install it is, in one word - awesome! I would highly recommend you teach other technicians around the world how to do an operation manual or an installation manual because yours was and is the greatest one I've ever read. Now all I have to do is wait for the snow to fall so I could try it out in heavy snow. I did try it going up and down the hill in front of my house and it worked beautifully. I will let you know next spring how well it worked during the winter. And again thank you very much. Yours truly.

10/15/2017: Customer Gary H of NC wrote: (LA145) Just want to say thank you, got my K66 kit installing went great had everything I needed. And it works excellent I can go up a hill in my backyard that had never been able to go up before.

7/8/2017: Customer Greg T of CT wrote: (L120) Hello Roger: Just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know that the kit was installed without any problems and the transmission has been performing well since we put it in. My son and I did the installation and it was easier than I thought it would be. Everything went very smoothly. Also, took the advice in the manual and installed the larger tires. Good suggestion. Used the Kenda K500 Super Turf Tire - 23X10.50-12 4PR.

8/30/2016: Customer John P of Australia wrote: (L111) Good morning Roger. Hoping all is well and trade is steady, all is well at this end. Its been a while since I up graded my L111 mower and pleased to advise drives like new. (Roger: Bought kit 4/23/2013)

7/17/2016: Customer Peter P of Australia wrote: (Husqvarna) Good news. Have now completed installation of K66 Upgrade and my Mower is doing everything you and others have said it would do. Heaps of Torque, up hills with ease and no moaning or groaning from the underpowered K46. Installation was about 4 hours with-out any problems at all. All in all Roger, really glad I went with the K66 Upgrade.

5/27/2016: Customer Terry L of ME wrote: (L130) Got my upgrade last Sept or Oct. Was working out and didn't have time to install. Sweeping the lawns this spring the K46 gave up the ghost. Just got it installed and took it for a ride. WOW, did not think there could be that much difference. I was kicking my butt for spending that kind of money. Now I'm glad I did.

5/9/2016: Customer John P of TN wrote: (L110) We bought the upgrade kit on a Monday. Wednesday we received the transaxle, Friday around noon FedEx delivered the parts box. The tires we used were Tractor Supply 20 X 10-8 lug tires (TS SKew No. 03028899). Just because we could get them in time. Friday afternoon I got the tires mounted onto the rims. Saturday afternoon around 1:00 we started the change. Your directions we just great. By 4:15 everything was done and the tractor was ready to go. We used the tractor all day Sunday. It climbs like a champ. Great traction.  You have to be careful on the steepest part of the yard, it would just lift the front end up in the air. Just needs some more weight in the front end. And better driving habits. We can not say enough how much better this tractor is. Like night and day. By the end of the day we were pulling up bundles of cut saplings 3-4 inches in diameter and 20 feet long with it. Thanks again for putting together a great upgrade kit. 

4/17/2016: Customer Jens, of PA wrote: (L120 purchased 6-1/2 years ago!) "Hi Roger, just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that my neighbor Tony and my K66 Upgrade are running fine and we're looking forward to a new mowing and gardening season. Since the conversion, I doubled the life of my JD L120 and looking forward to many more years. Hope all is well with you and that your business is still running well. Best regards, Jens"

4/15/2016: Customer Raymond W of FL wrote: (L118. Transaxle damaged by UPS in shipping) "Just mowed and acre. WOW!!! I have another acre to go but it started raining. It will climb any hill on the property forward and reverse without a problem it could not do that when it was brand new very happy. I know there were issues but you stepped up and handled everything very professionally nice doing business with you."

11/17/2015: Customer Dennis G, of TN wrote: (L130) "Hi Roger, I installed my K66 today. It is absolutely amazing. I could not be more pleased with the performance gained with this change. My neighbor that I got the mower from is amazed as well. He spent nearly $7600.00 for an X500 & I think he wishes he would have opted for this upgrade kit. I just want to thank you & Jacquie for all your help & for such a complete guide to installation. Everything worked perfectly. Take care my friend, and thank you again."

11/3/2015: Customer Meribeth H, of CA wrote: (Husqvarna) "Oh My Gosh!!! YES YES YES and double yes!!! Paul has been driving it all over the property. I only drove it for a bit, but, it worked fine for me. He loves it and so far he has been SAFE!!! No problems whatsoever!! Runs great and again, we need to say a great big THANK YOU for all your hard work and due diligent in fixing the lawn mower. If it wasn't for you and your efforts, we probably would have to have junked the mower. However, for your future info and reference what you did absolutely WORKED!!! It hasn't given us a bit of trouble. So you need to patent your idea and method to fix it. Let it be known that you should advertise the "fix" for the mower for other clients. We are EXTEREMLY happy with the performance of the mower now. It truly does serve our needs. Thank you again for ALL you time and money invested in our mower to correct the issue. You are truly a shining example of TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Other companies need to follow your example. Thanks again." [Rogers Note: This was a custom kit, designed for a Husqvarna with a hand control, rather than a foot control.]

9/10/2015: Customer Hans S. of WA wrote: (X300) "Roger: Got the tires today, mounted and put on the tractor. Took it for a test drive a few minutes ago and WOW. What an awesome difference. I got the speed increase I was hoping for. My conservative estimate is that it's at least 50% faster if not 70%, especially on steep grades. And like you said, reverse is much more usable and faster now as well. After a lot of research (vacillation actually!), your upgrade was clearly the way to go. Great job on this and what an awesome solution ... Or as the Brits would say, "You have a bit of brilliant kit there."

7/22/2015: Customer Miles E. of MA wrote: (JD 155C) "Hello Roger: "I have installed the new trans, and every thing went fine, your manual is without a doubt the best I have ever seen, very clear, and very well illustrated, Great job guys! and I wanted to thank you for doing things right, everything from ordering to how you packaged parts was done very professionally, and even your willingness to answer any questions was great. Thanks again."

7/14/2015: Customer Noel G of SC wrote: (D140) "I really struggled on which way to go Roger, have my mower repaired at JD, complete a K66 Upgrade or go through the expense of a new mower. WOW, Im sure glad I decided to go with the K66 Upgrade. My JD D140 has never operated so well. No more getting stalled attempting to climb a hill and I can actually mow more than 30 minutes without have to let it sit to cool down for a half hour. It all started receiving your K66 parts kit. It arrives neat and in order and all individual numbered bags are bubble wrapped and protected. The manual was easy to understand and install was not difficult. Great Job Roger, thanks for the wonderful customer service and your concern with my shipping issues. Its sure nice to place a phone call and talk to a human on the other end. Great product and highly recommended."

7/13/2015: Customer Don T. of BC, CANADA wrote: (L120) "Hi Roger, Ive had my kit for two seasons now and it is simply awesome, I can aerate, haul gravel, mow a severe slope and cut my back two acres in record time. My L120 is a super machine. Going to add a plow this season."

5/6/2015: Customer Jerry S of NC wrote: (LA130) "Hello Roger, I received my K66 upgrade kit today, I installed the kit, mounted the new tires, and I filled them with windshield washer solvent (it was very easy, took about 20 minutes to fill). I live in the mountains, and my 1.5 acres is all hill. It was awesome, climbed without any loss of speed or power. Exactly as you advertised. I am very impressed.
Thank You"

5/6/2015: Customer Paul M of MI wrote: (LA135) "Hi Roger, Just wanted to let you know,I got the parts at noon today and mowed my lawn with the headlights on!! It all worked out fine, plenty of power uphill. My local hardware store switched the rims for me. This should give me years of use from a tractor I thought would have to junk. Thanks again."

4/23/2015: Customer Ken H. of Haute Pyrenees, FRANCE wrote: (L110) "Ken here from Escala, in the South West of France who bought one of your k66-upgrades for my L110 a couple of years ago if you can remember and as I said, it's going like a dream. Fantastic. Even the farmer next door who has "tractors coming out of his ears" so to say, has said that he can't believe how well this ride-on scampers up and down the slopes I have here. Every time I am on it, I think of you. Thank you Roger."

4/7/2015: Customer Shane D. of CT wrote: (D140 & Axle) "Thanks Roger, your approach to customer service is unheard of these days, I only wish you sold everything I needed. Please send me an email if you decide to start marketing that hitch, Ill buy it as soon as its available."
(Note: We will soon be offering an add-on heavy-duty ball hitch.")

3/8/2015: Customer Jack F of the UK wrote: (JD X140) "Greetings ... I have only just got round to installing my new K66 upgrade. I hope you and yours are keeping well and keeping up the good work supplying the world with a solution to the crappy John Deere transaxle. Yes, your kit was fantastic, instructions were clear and precise with all the bits in the kit.
I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone, the service and parts kit are second to none with delivery taking only sixty hours from pick up at Roger's place and the trans axle factory in the US to delivery to me here in the UK. (Able to track every stage all the way)
Roger was very prompt at replying to my initial contact and all the parts were clearly marked and packaged. The job is a lot easier than you may think if contemplating this upgrade. Keep up the good work, Roger."

1/22/2015: Customer Tony F of MD wrote: (L130) "Its been about a year since I installed the K66 upgrade on my L130. I could not be happier. I wanted to wait a while for the joy to wear off before I wrote this note. Well, the joy has not worn off! The upgrade is still as good as the first time I got to use it. It mows like a dream. It pulls like a mule and it pushes snow like a dump truck. I also extended the trailer hitch and add a surplus 20mm cannon ammo can as a weight box. The box holds 10 patio pavers. In the winter its a weight box. In the summer it makes a nice tool box. I would have never spent a second improving the overall appearance and function of this little tractor if it were not the performance of the K66 upgrade. The kit was perfect. Clear instructions, labeled parts, all the quantities were correct. Thank you for providing a great product."

12/15/2014: Edward V of MA wrote: (L130) "I wanted to give you an update on the K66 Upgrade. The install went very smoothly, and the installation manual was an excellent resource ,clear instructions and clear photographs. The best instruction manual I've seen in years. The total time from removal of the old unit and installation of the K66 was a little less than 5 hours. This also include taking off the snowblower and snowblower drive unit. Got the wheels back with the new tires on Friday and took the tractor out for a spin around the yard over the weekend. Awesome! A much more robust tractor.
I would like to thank you for putting such a complete upgrade kit together. I have been telling all my neighbors as I meet them about the upgrade kit. I wish you continued success, and for allowing us to keep are Deeres running."

12/1/2014: Scott J of PA wrote: (JD 145) "I got the new transaxle installed yesterday. Love it! That's exactly what I was looking for in my tractor! (And the expected performance from day 1- especially the speed in reverse!) I want to thank you for your idea in making this kit and your quick response on any questions, etc. It's unheard of now a days (unfortunately) to get that type of service! Again, thank you soo much for this great upgrade kit!!"

9/29/2014: Paul of VA wrote: (L120) "I installed my kit this last Saturday and was amazed at the performance. My tractor is better than it was when I originally bought it. I'm truly amazed at the performance on the hills and in reverse. With the new backend I was able to mow my acreage in under three hours, which has taken me at best 4.5 hours when I first purchased the tractor, to worst of 8 hours waiting for the transaxle to cool down in between passes. This has made my life a whole lot easier. This is one of the best purchases I've made in years. Your instructions were easy to follow and I had everything I needed part wise in the kit. Again, thank you very much and have a great week."

7/27/2014: Customer Doug L of WY wrote: (LA130) "OMG Roger, this thing is awesome. The kit was very good quality and instructions very easy to follow along. It only took me four hrs by myself. Just wish I had found out about this before I paid dealer seven hundred to trouble shoot, change oil and belt, to no avail. I plan on getting the word out. Thank you. (Roger said: "Thank you Doug ... I think you are getting the word out!")
7/23/2014: Customer Jeff K of NY wrote: (L130) "Roger: I installed the upgrade kit on my L130. John Deere and I am very impressed. I would like to commend you on an excellent kit that you have assembled. This is by far the most complete and well thought out kit I have seen. It is clearly evident that you take pride in what you do and have not overlooked even the smallest detail. All the parts were carefully packaged and labeled. The instruction manual was high quality and easy to follow and the install went smooth. My tractor now performs better than when it was new, as well as having a usable reverse for the first time. This is the way it should have come from the factory! Thank you for an excellent product and saving me thousands on a new tractor."

Customer Debbie and Dennis R of Surrey, ENGLAND wrote: (X300) "Both of us are very pleased with the conversion and it now pulls anywhere which is great as we have 1 acre of grass, none of it being flat. Thank you for all your help in getting the packages delivered to the UK. We will definitely be recommending your services to anyone else who is in the same position as us."

Customer James C. of KY wrote: (Husqvarna LGT2654) "Outside of being expensive, (I always complain about the cost of things) this was without a doubt the most complete upgrade kit of any kind I have ever purchased from anyone, anywhere, ever. First off, your customer service is top notch. Thank you for all the phone calls and emails keeping me informed on everything that was going on with my purchase. he installation manual was very detailed and left nothing out. On the old 1-10 scale I give you a 9.9 only because nobody is perfect and I don't want to give you a bighead. A very happy customer!"

Customer Peter S of MD wrote: (L120) Hello Roger, I performed and completed the K46  removal and the K66 installation with Lug Tires to boot.
I wanted to wait for 1st heavy snow to send you the feedback on the upgrade and its performance.
Are you ready? In lay-man's terms it is simple: Hot Damn! Holy S###! ... and it is a Mean Sum-Bitch!! Wow!!!!
    In a more professional version: This upgrade is by far the most complete, clear, precise and well made kit that I have ever seen. My JD 120 went from almost worthless to an absolute beast. With a foot of snow on my 480 driveway, I came right out of the garage with the 48" snow-thrower down and made 5 passes non-stop & never lifted the snow-thrower once. Then I crossed the un-plowed highway with the snow-thrower down and proceeded to clear my neighbors drive that is a 22 degree up-hill 300 foot drive, we are 6 acres apart around here and I cleared that second drive in 15 minutes and made the return trip home and never once having lifted the thrower. 
    I opted to install the Lug (AG) type tires on the new rims ( highly recommended) and I am very glad that I did too. The power and torque if the K66 may have been wasted with the standard tires. With the Lug tires, I can run without chains in heavy snow, uphill and plowing / snow-throwing at full speed, plus I could and did  back-up just as easy too!
    Thank you for your advice and a wonderful upgrade!!! Oh and by the way, I did perform the entire upgrade by myself too. Slow, safe, steady and step by step with your great instructions. Well done my friend!

Customer Sandy D of PA wrote: (L118) "Hi Roger, Just wanted to let you know that I got the Transmission installed and put the mower back on this morning. Mowed with it today for about 1 and 1/2 hours and loved it. Its like a new tractor. Goes up hill's just as fast as it goes on level ground! You can really feel the torque when going up hills. Also the reverse is actually useful for the first time since we got this John Deere in 2005. With the old stock transmission reverse was extremely slow and if you were on a hill you might as well not have reverse because it wouldn't go. Thanks Again! Sandy"

Customer James T of NC wrote: (L130) "Hi Roger: I ordered one of your k66 kits a couple weeks ago.  I got all the parts last weekend and installed them.  It went pretty easy.  I have used it a couple times mowing and the upgrade made a world of difference.  Hard to imagine I put up with the k46 for as long as I did.  The hills I couldn't pull before after 30 minutes of mowing are now no problems or slow downs. This is the first time I've been able to mow for more then 30 minutes without having to stop.  I should have done this the first time instead of trying the rebuild the K46. Anyhow another success story here and thanks again for the great kit."

Customer Tim A. of VA wrote: (L120) "Thank you for a great kit, great service, and an opportunity to thumb my nose at JD and the local dealers with their 'more appropriate' offerings."

Customer Barry T. of BC, Canada, wrote: (L130) "Well, I'm back on the road again and it is with great joy in the difference the K66 makes!!!!! You guys have out done yourselves. You didn't miss a thing. I have done a lot of "up grade kits' to all kinds of equipment over the years and this the best, bar none! Very easy to do, about 3 hours for me."

Customer Casey O. of MO wrote: (L130) I mowed yesterday for the 1st time after installing the K66 kit. All I can say is WOW, what a difference! Not only does my tractor have more speed and doesnt stall going up hills, it will actually back up the hill, too. I had no problem mowing the lower end of the property, which I had stopped doing for fear Id get stuck down there and have to push the tractor out up the steepest hill. My mowing time has been cut in half and my only limitation now is the rear tires. When its time for tires I will definitely go with the lug type."

Customer Richard P. of PA wrote: (L130) "Thanx again for your efforts, the tractor truly is a different machine now. Bottom line: tractor w/ new K66 was worth the cost/effort-- actually got a little 'whiplash' in reverse-ha"

Customer Robert K. of MO wrote: (L120) I installed the upgrade kit in my L120 yesterday. It was a lot easier than I figured and only took four hours. When your other customer said it was like a whole new mower, he's not kidding! It's faster than it was before, and that big hill where the old transaxle couldn't pull it doesn't even slow it down now! I am very pleased! Thank you so much for making this kit available!! I'm loving my "new" mower!!:-) :-) :-)

Customer Jim M. of WI wrote: (L120) Hey Roger, it's completed and it's a monster! I'm a happy camper and here is my review:

Customer Phil S. of MN wrote: (L130):
"I just thought you might like to know.........WOW! I am VERY PLEASED!!!!!!
UNBELIEVABLE POWER! And FAST! I can't believe the difference. I mowed one of my 2 acres here tonight and that L130 has some serious get up & go! I'm very happy with it Roger."

Customer Mike R. of WA state wrote: (L130) "WHAT A RIDE! Your kit has totally flattened what used to be a very slopey 5 acres. Baby runs like a champ! No more mowing across slopes, with my heart in my throat, because I could not mow up and down anymore. Thanks for a great idea, and a great kit!"

Customer Rick B. of NC wrote: (L130) "I completed my K66 upgrade for my L130 this weekend. It took almost exactly 4 hours but I decided to change my blades and drive belt on my deck as well. The instructions are perfect. I cannot believe how much of a difference the new Transmission made. It is a better machine. This is the lawn mower that John Deere should have made! Thanks again, great job on packaging, shipping, instructions."

Customer Duane V. of SD wrote: (LA120) "Roger, I gave my k66 the ultimate test today. We got 15 inches of snow here in South Dakota with blizzard conditions for 2 days. My JD with the k66 kit and a snow blower was able to handle it extremely well. I was able to go right through the deep snow. Sometimes it was so deep I had to first go through with the blower lifted, then back up to go again with it down. It was going well in snow as deep as the blower. It had plenty of power for the extreme conditions. I believe I would not have been able to do it without the k66 upgrade."

Customer Tim P. of NY wrote: (L130) It took me about 4-1/2 hours, in total, to remove the old transaxle and replace with the new K66 ... And I really took my time! This L130 has new life! I plowed some snow that has been sitting for over a month and had firmed up and turned crusty."

Customer Peter Y. of Queensland, Australia wrote: (L120) "All was easily installed last week-end and is now roaring up hills and generally tearing about the place! Thanks again!!"

Customer Frank C. of NJ wrote (L130): "Roger, thanks for your excellent kit and instructions. Install went smoothly, no problems. The new transmission is a beast! Excellent torque.

Customer Tony S. of Australia wrote: (LT150) "Just wanted to let you know that I have completed my upgrade and the result is great, what a difference it makes. I now have the mower that JD should have sold in the first place!!!

Customer Donald B. of NJ wrote: (LA150) "Hi Roger, the install is complete. The tractor (LA150) runs like a dream. Thanks for everything."

Customer Don S. of WA State wrote: (L120) I installed the new transmission in my L120. You did a good job putting together the kit. The instruction book was excellent and I did not have any problems with the installation. I spent about 2 hrs cutting grass and was very impressed with how well the mower went up steep slopes with out any hesitation. I am glad I made the decision to by your kit.

Customer Michael Y. of PA wrote: (L130) "Roger, I just did the upgrade, all I can say is Oh my God and Wow! The tractor runs better than new. Just so you know I think I might have broken the record for the install, from the time the beer hit the cooler to the time the last bolt was turned was 1-1/2 hrs. (Roger sez: "No Doubt!") I did have help from my neighbor but it was very easy. Thanks again for your help."

Customer Matthew F. of NH wrote: (L130) "Roger, all the reviews were correct ... the job took about 2 hours. The tractor shoots out of ruts in our back field that would have gotten the old transaxle stuck. The torque is great and the tractor is better than new. The job is a snap. Thanks for support for questions. I'm glad that you figured out this solution."

Customer Paul S. of WA State wrote: (L111) "Hi, Roger. It's all installed and working perfectly. It took me a bout 4 hours and a good chunk of that time was swapping the tires onto the new rims. You've done an excellent job putting this all together. A VERY professional package!"

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