About RJR Tractor, LLC

In 2009, our John Deere's L130 transaxle failed, after a season of snow blowing. Roger discovered the much more robust Tuff Torq K66 could be installed in our tractor. After making the upgrade and using it for several months, it became very apparent the K66 was “The Way To Go.” Roger and Jacquie talked it over and felt there might be others in the same predicament and would benefit from a “K66 Upgrade.”

We put together a kit of specialty parts, along with a simple, yet very detailed Installation Manual. The kit is designed to be easily installed by anyone in about four to five hours, using only basic tools. When we first started, surplus K66 transaxles were available, however they soon ran out. At that point, we began to supply brand new, factory fresh, Tuff Torq K66 transaxles, directly from the factory in Tennessee. In the beginning, we were hoping to sell ten or twenty kits, using eBay. Since 2009, we have sold many hundreds of kits, all over the world. (We will likely hit 1000 kits before the end of 2014.)

At this time, RJR Tractor, LLC consists of just two people:

Jacqueline Daisley, CFO of RJR Tractor LLC

Jacquie is our CFO (Chief Financial Officer). She handles all the banking, credit card charges and the various money transactions. In addition to that, she makes sure the transaxles are ordered and shipped, she watches our parts inventory and makes sure we have what we need when we need it. All of her responsibilities make her a very busy lady.

Jacquie is a farm girl at heart. Not only does she have a sizeable garden, but also a flock of over thirty chickens, plus a cat and a three Chinese Crested dogs. She has a Master’s Degree in Art from University of California, San Bernardino, and is a very accomplished oil paint artist, with much recognition. Prior to her CFO job, she taught art for twelve years. On almost every day, Jacquie can be heard to say, “I need more time to paint!” Visit Jacquie’s blog to see her work. 

Roger Daisley, Principal of RJR Tractor LLC

Roger is the CEE (Chief of Everything Else). He is the technical, mechanical, design, marketing and warehouse guy.  When any question arises, Roger is the “Go To Guy.” When a kit is sold, Roger assembles the parts, packs them for shipping and arranges for a FedEx pickup. Several of the specialty parts are actually manufactured or machined
by Roger.

Roger is a retired US Air Force fighter pilot, with over 5000 hours of flying time and 400+ combat missions. After retirement, Roger "discovered helicopters" and subsequently obtained his Rotor Wing license and flew for several years. When he can find a little time-off in the winter, you might find him on a local ski slope.

Our family business is located on a sixty acre ranch in the heart of the wheat-raising Palouse country. We are located about 75-miles south of Spokane, Washington.

We honestly live by the Golden Rule and do whatever is required to make things right.

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